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The Lighter of the Dark Side

My 19-month-old is just plain lucky to have an 8-year-old brother. Big brother has lived through 8 whole birthdays and 8 whole Christmases, not to mention several years of earning prizes from a “big boy” point system that we created sometime during his preschool years…to keep him following directions and trying new foods and not doing annoying stuff that we didn’t want him to do. Anyway, back to my original point…as Jackson (big brother) has three sets of grandparents, both parents and stepparents, and all sorts of other relatives to buy him all the action heroes and Legos and play weapons that his heart has desired, little brother is living the good life when it comes to toys.

I mentioned several months ago that Jacob learned to walk while holding a lightsaber and that one of his first utterances was the “tzzt” that Spiderman makes. Well, his new favorite line is “dark side of the pillow”, which actually sounds more like “dok sawd uh duh peelow.” This requires some explaining.

One of Jacob’s beloved hand-me-down toys is a Star Wars helmet that has a sort of microphone, which makes your voice sound like a powerful ruler. As you can imagine, this has been all sorts of fun for each of the three boys in my household (husband included, and actually emphasized.) Each morning, when he (husband) goes to wake Jackson for school, he (husband) puts on the helmet, turns on the light in Jackson’s room, and says slowly in a sort of British accent using his deepest voice (which comes out even deeper with the mic distortion on the helmet), “There’s no match for the dark side of the pillow.” Then, he starts hitting Jackson (playfully, this is not child abuse, folks) with a pillow to wake him up.

Jacob has witnessed this scene so many mornings that he now calls all helmets “dok sawd uh duh peelow.” That line is adorable…right up there with his latest demand for independence: “I want ah bah mah sef” (I want all by myself), which he says when wrestling Mommy for the fork during meals or the toothbrush when brushing his teeth. Thank goodness for the cuteness factor or else these two moves would qualify for Mommy’s ever-growing collection of major annoyances that now include his new interests in climbing into drawers when we’re not looking and sticking anything that fits into the vents throughout the house. (Though he tried, neither the grapefruit nor the orange would fit.)

Just thought I’d share the latest…happy December!