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Welcome to my blog!

Welcome to On Becoming Mommy! As I was cramming my most recent completed journal in an already full bin of memorabilia in my basement, I began to wonder (for the gazillionth time—this is not a new thought for someone who has covered thousands of pages with her own writing!) if there were something better I could be doing with my thoughts instead of recording them and then leaving them to collect dust next to my old yearbooks and Girl Scout uniforms. And voilà: a blog seemed like the perfect answer!

Over the last three decades, I have filled journal upon journal with all sorts of things—from the awesomeness of black and bright pink polka dotted fingernails and fluorescent yellow legwarmers (yes, I wore both…probably at the same time) to the total uncoolness of my own mother (circa age 13) to my experiment with veganism during my junior year of college. Most recently, since the birth of my son, Jacob, in May of 2010, my thoughts have turned toward motherhood: how to master it and enjoy it without sacrificing too much of myself!

And, so begins On Becoming Mommy—reflections on how moms can cherish their children and the responsibilities of motherhood without losing sight of other things that are important to them. For me, this means I devote a good amount of my time and energy to my son but balance that with a commitment to physical fitness, including good nutrition and being active; maintaining my relationships with my husband, friends, and family; dressing with a little flair; and keeping a positive attitude. I’m convinced it can be done.

I’m far from an expert; I’m just a normal working mom learning a bit each day about how to manage my life and my new role as a mother. By recording my experiences in this blog, I’m hoping I can share the lessons I pick up along the way. And, the idea of connecting with moms around the world who have similar stories—I love that. I love, love, love it!

Thanks for stopping by!