The Next Obi-Wan?

Lightsabers are a hot item among the males in my household. We started to amass a collection of them sometime a year or two ago when my stepson, Jackson’s fascination with Star Wars peaked. Even after we had several of assorted colors, shapes, and features floating around, my husband insisted on his son having the biggest and best one to hit the shelves last Christmas. (Talk about ulterior motives—he uses the thing just as much as Jackson.) The result–well, besides more toys for mommy to pick up before sweeping the floor–is that lightsabers have become an unexpected asset to my 13-month-old Jacob’s development.

Baby’s first duel occurred soon after he could sit without the support of a Boppy pillow or someone else’s lap. And, my little guy was mimicking the swishes and whooshes of sword swipes around the time he learned to speak his first words. I think he’s even working on saying “lightsaber” itself, because whenever he sees one, he points at it or picks it up, and says his new favorite line, “uhzzhat?” (For those of you who don’t speak toddler, he’s asking, “What’s that?”) He watches our lips very carefully when we respond. Although I’m not sure how I feel about “lightsaber” being one of the few words of Jacob’s limited vocabulary, I may not have a choice in the matter.

Given Jacob’s history of lightsabor-related milestones, his latest should not have taken me by surprise. No, his first few steps were not a toddle toward mama’s voice or a wobbly walk to dada’s smile. My Jacob took his very first few strides this week (and then hundreds since in the past couple days) with a lightsaber in hand, headed straight toward his big brother.

A football player in the making? Future president? Nope. Not my son. He’s gonna be a Jedi.



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  1. wow, he’ll be running next time I see him!! I love the “swish” sound effect he adds to the light saber action:)

  2. Cute, cute, cute!

  3. You go Jacob!! We knew it wouldn’t be long before you would be off and running!

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