The Quest for Toddler Shoes

As my little guy just turned one and has been taking a step or two here and there, I’ve been thinking about shoes for him. Although he still prefers speed crawling over slow and steady baby steps, I figure this is about the time, right? Over the past year, he’s received about five pairs of shoes as gifts, but I’m pretty sure those shoes were intended to be just for show. (And, they didn’t really work even for that because he pulled them off in less than a minute.)

For the first year of his life, the only “shoes” that Jacob has successfully worn are Zutano booties (see because they actually stay on his feet (mostly). But, now that he’s trying to stand and walk, these are no good because he slips around. So, what to do?

This morning, I was asked to review the website: When I discovered it was a shopping site that helps find products AND research on them, I decided it was the perfect opportunity to begin my adventures in shoe shopping. After all, as I’m a researcher by trade and an obsessive mommy after hours, I had been planning to tackle the toddler shoe purchase in the same way I approached buying a stroller, baby clothes, and furniture for my son’s room—by gathering as much information as possible before making the purchase.

And, as I set out on my online journey early this morning, I found that has a pretty sophisticated search engine for finding the right sizes, colors, and prices for products. Plus, the “research” button pulls up product reviews, buying guides, discussion forums, and product details. And, the site links to everything baby. Check them out. Here are a few links, using the examples I mentioned above:,, and I think this is my new shopping site!

After less than an hour, I had enough info and options to buy Jacob some new kicks. Here are the shoes I ended up getting him:

And, I have to admit I did a little searching for myself and added these to my birthday list (yes, for August!): …although I’m pretty sure we have way better ways to spend that kind of money!

Let me know if you have any recommendations for toddler shoes… or purple leather sandals for mommy that won’t cost 8 times the price of shoes for my main mini man. Because, we all know he’ll be needing 8 more pairs before mommy ever needs a single one!


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