A Mother’s Day Reflection: Celebrate Yourself!

“Motherhood brings as much joy as ever, but it still brings boredom, exhaustion, and sorrow too. Nothing else ever will make you as happy or as sad, as proud or as tired, for nothing is quite as hard as helping a person develop his [or her] own individuality especially while you struggle to keep your own.” – Marguerite Kelly and Elia Parsons, The Mother’s Almanac

Happy Mother’s Day!

I stumbled upon this quote this morning and thought I would share, as I find a lot of truth in it.

Mother’s Day will always mean a lot to me. Last year on this day, I left the hospital with my newborn baby. After six rough days, including 40 hours of labor, five whole hours of pushing, and then a c-section and its aftermath, I finally was free to take home the precious product of my efforts. The year that’s followed has been filled with more joy, pride, and love than I’ve ever experienced. And, it’s certainly been a struggle at times.

Being a mom fulfills us in many ways, but it also challenges us. Most moms I know feel fortunate to be mothers and enjoy it. Yet, they spend a good amount of time worrying about their parenting choices and their kids. They invest loads of energy into their sons’ and daughters’ health, well-being, and happiness. And, they sometimes feel guilty about their mistakes or afraid that they’re doing something wrong.

In the spirit of Mother’s Day, I thought maybe we could take a more positive approach: indulge ourselves a bit, take a step back, and reflect on what we’ve done right. No matter if we’ve been a mom a month, a year, or decades, let’s spend a few minutes today reflecting on our successes as moms. Yes, we all make mistakes and continue to make them. But, today, let’s focus on our victories.

What are some of the positive qualities that motherhood has brought out in you? Did you realize you are stronger than you thought? That you are better at managing your time? That you can find a silver lining in even the most difficult of storms?

What are some happy memories you’ve experienced with your child or children? Think of times when you were overcome with peace, bursting with joy, or beaming with pride. Close your eyes and recall those moments. Take yourself back. Maybe even write them down so you can look back on them later and see them clearer.

What are some of your accomplishments as a mother? When have you surprised yourself in positive ways? When you look at your children, what about them makes you proud? How have you helped to shape those qualities in them?      

Bravo! On your special day, I leave you with one final quote.

“The noblest calling in the world is that of mother. True motherhood is the most beautiful of all arts, the greatest of all professions. She, who can paint a masterpiece or who can write a book that will influence millions, deserves the plaudits and admiration of mankind; but she who rears successfully a family of healthy, beautiful sons and daughters whose immortal souls will be exerting an influence throughout the ages, long after paintings shall have faded, and books and statues shall have been destroyed, deserves the highest honor that man can give.” – David 0. McKay (educator, religious leader, writer)


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