Baby’s 1st Year: We Made It Through!

My baby turned one today. A whole year behind us. A whole year survived!

I awoke an hour before my alarm this morning and lay in bed, reminiscing, with my little guy snuggled close. I thought about the whirlwind of the last 20 months. So much has happened since that summer morning when I first saw the plus sign on the pregnancy test (and then sent my husband to the drug store to pick up two more—just to make sure!)

Those first few months of pregnancy were a jumble of emotion. I was thrilled to be pregnant for the first time. I feared that something would go wrong. I struggled with not telling anyone until the end of the “risky” first trimester. I couldn’t believe that a human being was growing inside me.

Everything became real when I first saw his little alien-like form on the ultrasound. The quick, steady rhythm of his heartbeat and his random kicks and flips over the next few months confirmed it was really happening—my very own baby was on the way!  Suddenly, all I felt was impatience; I was eager to have him out of me and in my arms.

And, then, all of a sudden, he was. And, it wasn’t quite as easy as I thought it would be. But, it was much, much more magical than I ever could have imagined.

Who knew such a little creature could bring so much joy? Every day? With each giggle, babble, kick, coo, tear, smile, step, squeeze, and squeal? It never gets old. It all goes by way too quickly for that!

That’s all for today. After being apart from my baby-turned-toddler-much-too-fast while I was at work, I want to celebrate the end of a challenging but joyous year, and the beginning of many more to come!


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